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Thursday, 27 October 2022 - 10:30am

Madam Speaker, the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority, by board resolution in November of 2019, decided to register a company in Miami, Florida.
The purpose of that company, named the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) LLC, was to enable the BVI Ports Authority to rent office space in the Miami area to provide an outreach location for its cruise business. In addition, it was decided that the office space could also host the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Shipping Registry.

The office space in Miami was intended to be a multi-agency office for marketing and promoting tourism and ship registration. It was also envisioned to serve as a support and resource base where BVI nationals and residents who are students and conducting business require assistance while abroad. The office is strategically situated near the Miami airport. The company was registered not to engage in any revenue-generating business.

To establish the company, Madam Speaker, a minimum of three (3) Directors were required. The Directors named were Roxane Sylvester, Deputy Chair of the BVIPA Board at the time; Kenesha Sprauve Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board at the time; and Oleanvine Maynard, the Managing Director of the BVIPA.

Madam Speaker, the company, BVI Ports Authority LLC, has since been dissolved. The documents were filed on 12 August, 2022, and a copy of the dissolution was received on 23 September, 2022. At this juncture, the office was dissolved mainly because of the ownership structure.

Madam Speaker, the Ministry of Communications and Works has had discussions with the BVI Tourist Board and BVI Shipping Registry regarding the viability of the office in Miami. They both agree that having a physical presence in Miami is a good idea as Miami is the Hub for international business; as such, it enhances the opportunity for air and sea port relationships with international airlines and the cruise industry of Florida. It is also envisioned that the re-establishment of a Civil Aviation Department means that the territory can also target high-net-worth individuals who may own private airplanes. Therefore, the collaboration of these agencies means that the territory can now offer a "one-stop shop" experience to guests. This matter of an office in Miami is now being put before Cabinet for a formal decision before it can be re-established if Cabinet so decides.

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