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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 - 5:15pm

A special sitting to hear and determine applications for the issuance of new and renewal of liquor licences will be held at the Magistrate Court at Prospect Reef on Tuesday, December 1 at 10:00 a.m.

Persons are asked to note that new applications for licences should reach the Licencing Magistrate 14 days before Licencing Day. A copy of the application must also be served on the Commissioner of Police, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, the BVI Fire and Rescue Services Department, Environmental Health Division, Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs and the Town and Country Planning Department.

Additionally, a notice of the application must be published in a local newspaper and a copy brought to the hearing in support of the application.

New applicants are required to be in possession of valid trade licences to trade in the manner they propose to be licensed.  Some new applicants may need development planning permission to operate at the location from which they propose to operate and the premises may need to be inspected by the BVI Fire and Rescue Services Department.  New applicants are asked to make inquiries with the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs, the BVI Fire and Rescue Services and the Town and Country Planning Departments on these issues.

Applications for renewal, along with a valid copy of the applicant’s current trade licence should reach the magistrate on or before Licencing Day.  A copy of the same shall also be served on the Commissioner of Police and the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

A third party who desires to execute a renewal application on behalf of another, that third party is required to submit proof of his authority to act for the applicant along with the executed renewal application.

Persons wishing to object to the granting of a liquor licence to a new applicant or renewal of a licence, must attend the special sitting on Licencing Day to voice their objections.  Persons who wish to object to the renewal of a licence shall serve notice in writing of such an objection on the licence holder and on the Licencing Magistrate at least seven days before licensing day.  Forms for making objections are available for collection at the Magistrate’s Court.  A copy of the objection should also be served on the Commissioner of Police and the Commissioner of Inland Revenue

All licencees who failed to apply for renewal at a previous sitting at which their licences expired, are to note that those licences have lapsed and as such, persons are required to make a new application as a new applicant.

Licensees with outstanding licence fees will not be considered for renewal until those fees have been paid in full. Such payments must be made to the Department of Inland Revenue before Licensing Day. Licencees who are unsure if their fees are up to date should contact the Inland Revenue Department.

Persons requiring additional information are asked to contact the Magistrate’s Court Office, John’s Hole at 468-4360.


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