Press Release

Premier's Office
Department of Trade, Investment, Promotion and Consumer Affairs
Release Date:
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 - 5:00pm

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote the Territory’s investment strategy, the Government of the Virgin Islands has revitalised the Road Town Market Square and will host a re-launching event on Friday, March 13, at 4:00 p.m.

Director in the Trade and Consumer Affairs Department, Mrs. Karia Christopher said, “The re-launch of the Road Town Market Square is part of the Trade and Consumer Affairs Department’s investment strategy and Vendors on the Move campaign.”

“The aim is to create a safe area for local vendors to sell fruits, vegetables and other local products in a uniformed area that will not only be attractive to visitors, but locals alike,” the Director said.. 

The re-launch comes on the heels of the department’s launch of the Business of the Month and Innovative Business of the Year Programme held on March 3, in preparing the Territory for local investment.

On its completion, the Trade and Consumer Affairs Department will return the management of the Market Square to the Department of Agriculture to ensure proper monitoring. 

Both departments will also partner with Department of Waste Management and its litter wardens programme to ensure that the surroundings remain clean and comfortable to sell or exchange goods and services.

Mrs. Christopher highlighted the department’s sustained efforts to fuel the growth of small businesses and encourage friendly competition so that local businesses understand the importance of service, delivery and customer satisfaction.

The BVI community is invited to witness the re-launch of the Road Town Market Square in an evening filled with entertainment, refreshments and a stroll down memory lane.

The Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs is responsible for facilitating the development and growth of the BVI business environment, by helping businesses to realise their full potential. This is done through the establishment and management of programmes and networks that provide information, education, training, finance and other assistance in order to foster sustained economic development in the BVI.