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House of Assembly
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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 3:53pm

Two local institutions in the Virgin Islands were gifted with gardening equipment and supplies as a result of their similar requests to an Honourable Member.

On Monday, February 17, Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honourable Neville A. Smith, accompanied by Minister for Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration, Honourable Vincent O. Wheatley visited the Grade 3 class of the Enis Adams Primary School and BVI Services to distribute gardening equipment and supplies.

During a visit in January to the Grade 3 class of the Enis Adams Primary School in Meyers Estate, Honourable Smith asked the students, ‘What do you think I can do as a Territorial Member of the Virgin Islands?’ This prompted each student to submit a letter to the Honourable Member with their thoughts on the matter.

After reviewing the letters and after a meeting with the director of BVI Services the Honourable Member discovered a trend and based on the community projects and initiatives that he wishes to implement during his tenure he reached out to the local businesses.

Honourable Smith partnered with Drakes Traders Ltd. and Fort Garden Centre Ltd. and received supplies including: gardening gloves; watering jugs; water hoses; seedling trays; paint; hoe picks; rakes; shovels; wheel barrows; gardening scissors; soil; small gardening shovels and seeds.

In his response to both institutions, Honourable Smith expressed gratitude to Drakes Traders Ltd. and Fort Garden Centre Ltd. saying, “On behalf of myself, the Government and the private companies, we donate these supplies to you, the students, in hope that you all will have a fruitful garden.” He concluded both of his presentations with the words of encouragement, “Let’s keep agriculture alive.”

In addition to the gardening equipment and supplies, Honourable Smith presented each child in the Grade 3 class with a book and school supplies. He challenged them to submit a book report on the book they received before circulating the books to other classmates. He also included a response letter to each child in the class.

Honourable Smith vows to continue this initiative as he intends to partner with other local companies and contribute to more schools across the Virgin Islands.


Linton Leonard

Public Relations Officer
Office of the House of Assembly
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