British Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency
Ministry of Finance
Release Date:
Friday, 25 January 2019 - 10:15am

The RDA is seeking a suitable firm to provide Project Management Services in order to support the planning function for a variety of infrastructure projects. The size and technical complexity of projects will be suitable for:

                        •    Junior   Project   Managers  (approx.  2-5  years’ experience);

                        •    Senior  Project  Managers  (approx.  5-15  years’ experience).

Submissions are welcome for both levels of managers and for the durations indicated in the Terms of Reference. The specific objectives of the assignment include but is not limited to:

                       •   Develop statements of requirement in collaboration with Government departments.

                      •    Undertake   detailed   project   planning   and produce Scope of Works.

                      •    Track      and      monitor     project      progress throughout the planning phases.

                      •    Capture and monitor project risks.

             Interested eligible firms may request a copy of the Terms of Reference by sending an e-mail to: procurement@bvirecovery.vg.