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Archives and Records Management
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Friday, 29 April 2016 - 4:30pm

The Archives and Records Management Unit of the Deputy Governor’s Office will be observing Records May Day, on Monday May 2.

Chief Records Management Officer in the Archives and Records Management Unit, Christopher Varlack said Records May Day is an annual observance held on May 1in the United States, the Caribbean and other parts of the world where concerned persons and organisations promote preventative security of physical and electronic records against natural and man-made disasters.

Mr. Varlack added, “Everyone across the Territory is encouraged to consider engaging in meaningful activities throughout the month of May to increase records management awareness and safe keeping in their homes and respective organisations.”

The observance of Records May Day in the Territory is led by the Archives Unit, while the concept of records security is strongly supported by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), the Territory’s lead coordinating agency for disaster response. 

Director of DDM, Sharleen Dabreo, spoke about the significance of sound records management and stated, “In the disaster management field, record keeping is paramount before, during and after any hazard impact.   It is the data collected from previous events that allow us to be able to better prepare and plan for future events. By analysing historical records we get a greater insight into what can be expected and how to improve the Virgin Islands’ ability to respond to and recover from any event.”

The Archives and Records Management Unit will use the month of May to highlight measures that can prevent and mitigate the effect of disasters on records and archives. During the week of May 2, the public is invited to tune into the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday editions of the Almanac on radio station ZBVI for tips on sound records management and disaster management for records and historical documents.

The Archives Unit will also provide information packages via email for persons interested in learning more about integrating better records keeping into their daily operations.

To sign-up for an email package, or for more information on Records May Day and disaster preparedness for records, contact the Archives and Records Management Unit at 468-3044 or email



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