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Release Date:
Tuesday, 19 May 2015 - 12:45pm

In accordance with section 23 (1) of the Elections Act, 1994, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections is informing the public that the revised List of Voters was published on May 18.  The list is also available on

Residents can log on to and locate the Government tab on the left hand of the screen. Once the drop down list appears residents should scroll down to the Elections tab then select the 2015 Revised Voter’s List.

According to the Elections Act, 1994, Section 23 (2) (3) states thatcopies published under subsection (1) shall be deemed to be the Register of Voters for the local electoral dis­trict to which they refer and shall be used for a general elec­tion of members of the House of Assembly and for any other election to fill a vacancy in the seat of the member of the House of Assembly represent­ing the relevant district.”

Section (3) states that  the “Current Register of Voters for all local elec­toral districts shall constitute the Register of Voters for the Territorial electoral district and shall be used for all elections for members of the House of Assembly to represent that district.”

The Revised Lists of Voters are available for Public inspection at the following locations:

First Electoral District

Big Ben’s Superette, The Towers
Post Office, Carrot Bay
Capoons Bay Clinic
Customs, West End
Frenchman’s Cay, Kelly's

Second Electoral District

Harris’ Place, Jost Van Dyke
Administration Building, Jost Van Dyke
Post Office, Cane Garden Bay
Camp Ground, Brewer’s Bay

Second Electoral District Cont’d

Brewer’s Bay Community Centre
Clyne’s Shop, Meyers

Third Electoral District

Cills Hardware Store, Sea Cows Bay
Virgin Islands Motors
The Valarie Thomas Community Centre
The Well

Fourth Electoral District

Hodge’s Butchery, Market Square
House of Assembly, Road Town
Salt Island
Peter Island
Cooper Island
Central Administration Complex
Lower Estate Superette
Bobby’s Supermarket
Bolo’s Department Store
Rite Way Supermarket
Road Town Post Office

Fifth Electoral District

Watch House, Fahie Hill
A Value Supermarket, Huntum’s Ghut
Alexander’s Shop, Huntum’s Ghut
Delta’s Gas Station, Purcell Estate
Long Trench Community Centre
M.B’s Laundromat

Sixth Electoral District

Brewley’s Superette, Purcell
Brewley’s Superette, Free Bottom
Belle Vue Superette
Pearl Shanty

Seventh Electoral District

East End/Long Look Post Office
East End/Long Look Community Centre
H. L. Stoutt Community College, Paraquita Bay
Stick It
Long Look Clinic
East End Supermarket
Fine Foods Supermarket
M & J Laundry

Eighth Electoral District

East End/Long Look Post Office
East End Clinic
The Reservoir, Hope Estate
Customs, Airport
Parham Town Food Market
Moose Bar
Rite Breeze
Miss Baby’s Shop
Andy’s Car Wash
East End Supermarket
EE/LL Community Centre

Ninth Electoral District

Government Office, Anegada
Post Office, North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Public Health Clinic, North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Post Office, The Valley, Virgin Gorda
The Iris O’Neal Clinic, The Valley

For further information please contact the Office of the Supervisor of Elections at 284-468-4380 or 284-468-3701 Ext. 4380 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  The office is located at:      

Ground Floor
Ulric Dawson’s Building #6
Russell Hill Road
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands


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Head of Communications
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