Premier's Office
Release Date:
Sunday, 10 May 2020 - 7:30am



MAY 10, 2020

Today, I thank God for all MOTHERS.

Whether you gave birth, adopted a child who needed love, or perhaps you may be a guardian, an aunt, wife, or godmother, regardless of how motherhood came to be, I thank God for all of you.

You see, MOTHERS have a special place in my heart because for many of us, whether it is ‘tough love,’ ‘selfless love,’ or ‘embracing love,’ the unconditional love of a MOTHER for a child is irreplaceable.

I was raised by a praying mother, a strong woman who was not afraid to make sacrifices, even if it meant allowing other mothers throughout this Territory to help shape and mould me.  I was raised by a caring mother, who also became the MOTHER to so many. And as she continues to live life as a golden citizen, I thank God for her.

I also thank God for my wife, First Lady Sheila Fahie, who continues to support me, pray for me, and love me, even with my imperfections.

I am aware that there may be some persons who may not have good relationships with the Mothers in their lives. In this ‘New Regular,’ let us make amends. Let us put down that shield. Let us put down pride. 

Instead, let us reawaken our hearts and reach out to that MOTHER in your life and turn bitterness into happiness.

Let us reboot that broken relationship with that Mother and turn mistakes into success.

Let us create a ‘New Regular’ hinged on God’s word that regardless of what happened in the past, we will forgive so that we can break the cycle of separation and allow for connectivity and connection.

And, for every time that you share a new smile in this marathon of a new relationship with whomever you call Mother, you can take a moment to celebrate every lap where success was achieved.

For those of you whose mothers are no longer here, I encourage you to reflect on the many traits that continue to remind you of them and I want you to smile because it means that they still remain ever-present in your hearts.

 Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I celebrate with all Mothers of District One. Women who are not afraid to tell me like it is, yet I love them nonetheless.

 As Premier and Minister of Finance of this Territory, I celebrate with all Mothers who are a part of my Offices, and I celebrate with the mothers from across the Territory in all districts.  

I pray that as families and as a Territory that through this COVID-19 Health Pandemic, that we continue to forge stronger bonds of connection with each other.

Our Territory will need to work in unity to experience God’s greatness and to get through this active COVID-19 era, an expected active hurricane season, and unknown developments that we cannot see.

While GOD continues to love all of us, BVILOVE for each other is an action that will help us to overcome and to triumph.

MOTHERS, on behalf of all the children and males of the Virgin Islands, we say WE LOVE YOU, WE THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!