Ministry of Health & Social Development
Release Date:
Monday, 6 May 2019 - 4:52pm

6th to 12th MAY 2019

Nurses play a vital role in our healthcare system and contribute significantly to the quality of life we enjoy here in the Virgin Islands.  Each year we recognize their expertise and dedication to improving the health of the population by joining the celebration of International Nurses Week.

This year’s theme — “Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Health for All” speaks to the shared commitment to ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy living conditions conducive to good health, and have full access to quality health care when they need it.

As we work together to protect and improve the health of all the people of the Virgin Islands, nurses are often our most passionate advocates of health promotion and disease prevention.

Being the first point of contact for many people in community settings, hospitals and specialized healthcare facilities their voices are also pivotal in promoting effective, sustainable and culturally appropriate care. Nurses also play a leading role in healthcare administration and the formulation and implementation of effective health policy. Their ongoing efforts are truly invaluable.

The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to supporting nurses, and providing the resources they need to deliver professional, compassionate, high-quality health services to meet the needs of residents on each island. This includes creating opportunities for nursing education and continuous professional development, expanding efforts to attract young people to the profession, and enhancing the appeal of the Virgin Islands as we compete with other jurisdictions for highly skilled healthcare professionals.

It now gives me great pleasure to officially declare May 6 – 12, 2019 as Nurses Week and invite the entire Virgin Islands community to join me in acknowledging the invaluable contributions made by nurses in our Territory.

I especially encourage all health facilities, both private and public, to celebrate nurses for their integral role and unwavering commitment in our endeavor to ensure health for all.

May God continue to bless and uphold all nurses, and these beautiful British Virgin Islands. Thank you.