Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Monday, 9 August 2021 - 4:29pm


9th AUGUST, 2021


Good day to all in the Virgin Islands. As weather watchers will already know, there are currently two weather disturbances in the Atlantic that are showing the potential to develop into tropical storms. The first, which forecasters are calling AL94, was this morning located about 150 miles east of Barbados and is expected to pass near the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico tomorrow.

Although no watches or warnings have been issued at this time, the experts at the Antigua and Barbuda Met Office have issued a Tropical Alert. This means that we should all be on alert in case a watch or warning becomes necessary later today or this evening. The alert also states that, as a reasonable worst-case scenario, we here in the BVI may see impacts such as rain, high seas, coastal flooding, and near-tropical storm-force winds.

Even if this system does not develop to reach the threshold of a tropical storm, it is likely that we will see some winds and rain associated with this system.

So, what should we do? I strongly urge all of us to take steps to ensure that our homes and businesses stand ready to face the possibility of adverse weather. Homeowners should clear debris from around their property. Loose items should be secured and any vulnerable areas should be strengthened now. Similarly, boat owners should take steps to secure their vessels, and construction site managers should prepare to anchor or store any materials that may become projectiles.

Finally, we should all be extra vigilant in monitoring the weather conditions so that if the expectations change, we can be ready to adjust our plans accordingly. The Department of Disaster Management will continue to issue updates regarding AL94 and other potential threats via their website, social media channels and the DDM App.

Thank you all for continuing to work together to be ready this hurricane season.


John J. Rankin CMG

Governor of the Virgin Islands