Premier's Office
Release Date:
Monday, 22 February 2021 - 10:50am


Inquiry Response Unit established to cooperate with Commission of Inquiry

22 February, 2021

Following the decision of the former Governor, His Excellency Augustus J U Jaspert, to institute a Commission of Inquiry (the "Inquiry"), the Government of the Virgin Islands established the Inquiry Response Unit ('IRU') on 5 February, 2021 to ensure full cooperation with the Inquiry and facilitation of the Inquiry process, while upholding the legal duties and legitimate interests of the Government.

The IRU, which was established by the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands, and is led by the Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Cox QC and administered by Withers BVI, will report to the Attorney General, Honourable Dawn J. Smith.

The IRU functions as an independent unit to support the Attorney General's Chambers in ensuring that information is provided to the Inquiry in a systematic, efficient and well-organised way, which is both auditable and accountable. The IRU will also assist Ministers and public officers to understand their duties in relation to the Inquiry.

The IRU's Mission Statement is as follows:

"To function as an independent unit acting in the public interest to support the work of the Attorney General and the Virgin Islands Government to achieve the fullest possible cooperation with the Commission of Inquiry, advising on and coordinating the disclosure of documents and information to the Commission, while ensuring the legal duties and legitimate interests of the Virgin Islands Government are upheld."