Press Release

Immigration Department
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 October 2017 - 3:11pm

Employers of migrant workers are advised to provide the Immigration and Labour Departments with a post hurricane notification outlining their current position and intentions, specifically as it relates to their future operations and staff complement.

Employers are asked to note that a simple notification will suffice, under the present conditions, outlining any decisions made to retain, recruit or dismiss staff.  Such notification will assist the departments as they seek to expeditiously renew, extend and/or approve incoming and existing entry permit requests.

The Immigration Department will also be making assessments of businesses and homes by conducting onsite inspections that will further aid with decision making in a timely manner.

Employers are urged to partner with the respective agencies in working to rebuild the Territory.  The aim is also to ensure that both departments are in a position to manage and regulate the work force and to also ensure compliance and national security throughout the Territory. 

The Immigration Department in an effort to facilitate a smooth and swift transition will be opened to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily effective Wednesday, October 11. The following category of persons is being asked to report to the department immediately as a matter of priority:

  • Employers with their formal and/or informal post hurricane notifications;
  • Government Employees with expired entry permits;
  • Students attending HLSCC that require Immigration approval;
  • Work permit exempted workers with expired entry permits and
  • Visitors with expired landing permits.

The public is further advised that the department will not be accepting Belonger and Residence applications at this time.  Also, entry permits will not be extended, renewed and/or approved unless notification from the respective employers is received.

All other persons that are subject to Immigration control are asked to stay tuned to the local radio stations or visit the Government’s website,, for updates on the respective services being offered.  Please note that the department’s phone lines at the department are currently inoperable and hence a visit to the office is encouraged.