Press Release

His Majesty’s Customs
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 February 2015 - 2:45pm

All manual procedures to clear goods at her Majesty’s Customs will now be computerised, as the department moves towards full automation of its Cargo Declaration system with the introduction of its Web Trader Programme.

The department will be using the Customs Automated Processing System (CAPS) where trader declarations can be completed and submitted online.

Commissioner of Customs, Mr. Wade Smith stated, “We are encouraging customs brokers, agents and persons familiar with the process to register with the Customs Department.”

Once registered, brokers and agents will be issued a Trader Identification Number and access to the web account.  Additionally, traders can search for tariff rates, preview customs declarations and will be allowed to upload supporting documents online and receive payment summaries via email.

Mr. Smith said that the current manual system will be gradually phased out as the new system improves the collection of data on customs declarations, and eliminates the need for officers to manually input data.

“From a safety perspective, the web trader system strengthens our ability to activate a product recall since it will be easier to monitor the importer and distribution outlets,” he added.

To register, brokers, agents, and traders can go on and print the Customs Automated Processing System trader registration form. It can be returned via email at or dropped off at the HM Customs Office.

The department anticipates that by May 1, the cargo declaration processes will be fully automated.