Press Release

Department of Disaster Management
Release Date:
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 - 1:10pm

Families affected by the August 7 tropical wave continue to receive assistance from the government, private sector and non-governmental organisations.

Relief supplies including food, clothing and beds have been made available for families as part of the ongoing recovery process.

Head of the Aid Management Group of the Recovery Task Force, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Tasha Bertie said the relief support from multiple sectors is commendable and symbolic of a united one BVI.

Ms. Bertie stated that over the past days the Government, private sector and voluntary organizations have been working together to provide support.

She said, “Collectively, more than 100 families have been assisted. The BVI Red Cross has provided relief support to approximately 30 persons, Family Support Network more than 40 persons and District Representatives have also been providing beds and other essential items to affected individuals.”

Other individuals have also contributed to relief supplies through voluntary organisations to include BVI Red Cross, Rotary Clubs and the Lions Club.

Ms. Bertie said 78 boxes of clothing, food, bed and bath linens, medicine, toys and other items were donated from private individuals in the US Virgin Islands in addition to items being donated from across the Territory.

The Acting Permanent Secretary further added that the private sector has also been supporting efforts to assist families. She said, “52 families were assessed and identified as requiring immediate food supplies following which Road Town Wholesale Trading Ltd provided support in the form of $100 gift vouchers which are now being distributed per family.”

Ms. Bertie also emphasised the need for persons who have lost personal property items to ensure their claims are filed at the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) no later than Friday, August 25.

 “It is important that individuals continue to file claims so that we can have an idea of who is affected and identify urgent needs that must be met.  The cutoff point is necessary so that we can be in a position to determine the other areas of assistance required and how these can be supported”, she explained,

Small businesses with less than ten employees and without insurance who require assistance are also encouraged to file their claims before 4:30p.m. Friday.

Individuals and businesses are, however, asked to note that only limited support will be provided for immediate recovery needs.

Standing Strong. We are #OneBVI.

Photo Caption: Food Gift Voucher Presented To Flood Affected Family. (Photo Credit: Department of Disaster Management)