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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 - 12:00pm

His Excellency the Governor, John Duncan, OBE is pleased to announce that the BVI will receive a team of election observers for the 2015 General Elections. 

The Election Observation Mission (EOM) is being arranged by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region (CPA BIMR).

The role of the Observer Mission will be to observe the BVI elections and to write a report on its findings.  

In a statement, His Excellency the Governor said, “After consultation with the Premier and Leader of the Opposition upon the dissolution of the House of Assembly, I am pleased to confirm that an international election observer mission will visit the BVI. This is a continuing step in promoting transparency and accountability, encouraging good practice, as well as increasing public confidence in the electoral process”.

The Governor continued, “I believe that the arrangements which have been put in place for the forthcoming elections in the Virgin Islands are robust and consistent with both the Constitution and the Election Law, and that the elections will be free and fair.  The presence of election observers is one way to validate this. Having impartial, experienced observers from an internationally recognised organisation enables us to exchange good practice and maintain the high standards for democracy in the Territory.”

The EOM will consist of a total of six observers and will be in the Territory from May 30 to June 10. One will be a parliamentarian from the British Islands and Mediterranean region of the CPA. The other observers will be from the Caribbean and Americas region. The Mission will be supported by two Election Analysts and an Election Coordinator, all of whom will also act as observers.

The UN Declaration on the Principles of International Election Observation explains:

“International election observation is: the systematic, comprehensive and accurate gathering of information concerning the laws, processes and institutions related to the conduct of elections and other factors concerning the overall electoral environment; the impartial and professional analysis of such information; and the drawing of conclusions about the character of electoral processes based on the highest standards for accuracy of information and impartiality of analysis. International election observation should, when possible, offer recommendations for improving the integrity and effectiveness of electoral and related processes, while not interfering in and thus hindering such processes. International election observation missions are: organized efforts of intergovernmental and international nongovernmental organizations and associations to conduct international election observation.”

The full UN Declaration can be found at:




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