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Office of the Deputy Governor
Release Date:
Wednesday, 1 February 2023 - 12:26pm

The nine-month-long Public Service compensation review is in its current state assessment phase and will involve a series of stakeholder meetings.

The Consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services Limited (PwC) is conducting the review in six (6) different phases including the project planning phase, the current state assessment, the compensation philosophy & revised classification system, the compensation review, the job evaluation methodology phase, and the project close.

The current state assessment phase which is presently underway involves focussing on the “as is” state of the Public Service. During this phase, potential issues will be identified and key documentation will be reviewed to build an understanding of the Public Service, the purpose of the compensation review, the benefits and the desired outcomes. This also includes conducting interviews with key public officers and engaging union groups.

The key groups identified by PwC include: Human Resources Managers, Law Enforcement Departments, Legal Offices, Technical Departments, Educational Departments, House of Assembly members, Policy and Administrative-driven Offices, Senior Managers (Permanents Secretaries), Health and Social Services, Cabinet Members and the Deputy Governor, Unions and Associations (Civil Service Association, Teachers Union, Police Welfare), Private Sector (BVI CCHA), and Environmental Health and Workforce Development.

These meetings are scheduled to take place between February 6 and February 15 and feedback will also be gathered via a digital survey in order to ensure greater access to officers throughout the Public Service. Through this dialogue, PwC aims to gain perspective on the thinking and motivation of public officers as well as what differentiates high performance in specific roles.

The compensation review seeks to address remuneration disparity, further support the retention, engagement and motivation of skilled and competent officers to effectively deliver public services, and to move toward a ‘Total Rewards’ Scheme that promotes high performance.

The contract for the Compensation Review was signed with PwC in October of 2022 and is valued at Three Hundred and Two Thousand, One Hundred and Three Dollars ($302,103.00). The project is scheduled to conclude in August.

For more information on the Public Service Compensation Review, individuals can contact the Office of the Deputy Governor at 468-2195 or

The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to effective human resources leadership and partnership to drive Public Service Excellence


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