House of Assembly
Release Date:
Thursday, 25 December 2014 - 1:00am

Good day and God’s blessings to all my people of our beloved Virgin Islands.

The year 2014 was quite a challenging one for most persons, but to everyone that listens to this message, or reads this message or views this message, we must be thankful to God because that means we are still alive. Once there is life there is hope.

Let us cherish the memories of the good moments of 2014, let us build on those moments to create a brighter tomorrow in 2015 and beyond. Let us turn the challenges of 2014 into great opportunities for ourselves and future generations. Remember that the things we take for granted others are praying for.  I am cognizant of the fact that some of the challenges experienced in 2014 were of such a magnitude that they almost made some of us give up and even lose hope. But because success is in our DNA as Virgin Islanders, we found the resolve to exercise our faith in God knowing that weeping may endure for a night but once we never give up, once we keep believing in our creator, then we know that joy always comes in the morning.

Through the exercising of our faith in 2014 as a people, as Virgin Islanders we develop the resolve to cope with the death of loved ones, financial challenges, health challenges family issues, and challenges on the job and in the Territory among many other challenges experienced in 2014.

I urge each of us to do not allow the challenges experienced in 2014 to make us bitter, but rather in 2015 let those challenges through the manner in which we overcame them make each of us better.

As a people, as a Territory, once we do not give up, then we can rest ashore that our best days are not our yesterdays. From creation God has already planted seeds of greatness in each of us. In 2015, I encourage us to be laser focus in our efforts so that we always are found watering those seeds, rather than focusing on watering the weeds.

Being divided as a people limits our power, but unity magnifies our strengths. In 2015, more than ever, we must not get caught up in fighting individuals, but rather fighting issues and only issues of importance that need addressing to provide solutions for a brighter tomorrow for our family, ourselves, and our Territory.

During this holiday season and for 2015, it is my prayer that each of us concentrate our efforts in the areas that unifies us as a people, rather than those divides us. Can we do it? Yes we can.  Will we do it? Yes we will.  Must we do it? Yes we must. The eyes of future are looking back at us hoping that we get it right, so let us not disappoint the future of these Virgin Islands. 

To all persons in the public and private sector, that work tirelessly to keep this Territory on the cutting edge in 2014, I say thank you and I salute your efforts. In 2015, let us double our efforts in this area, as well as double our praise for God who continues to give us the strength, wisdom and knowledge in how to build these Virgin Islands into the beacon of hope for us all. If we are persistent in our efforts we will achieve it, but if we are consistent with and in our efforts then we will keep it.

I wish all visitors to our shores, all Virgin Islanders especially my people of the 1st District and all well wishers of our Virgin Islands, a Happy and God filled holiday season and a prosperous New Year 2015.

Through each of us, the hope for a brighter tomorrow for ourselves, our family, our present and future generations and this Territory is alive and well.  Let us celebrate this holiday season and 2015 in unity and reverence for God, because together with his help, we will restore hope for a brighter tomorrow in our lives, our families lives, our present and future generations and in return this Territory. Let us remember the less fortunate during this holiday season.  Let us our seniors during this holiday season. Let us be our brother’s keeper this holiday season, and for 2015 and beyond.

The best efforts are those that benefit others, especially those that are less fortunate than ourselves.  However, no matter what our circumstances are, always remember that we cannot undo a single thing that we have ever done that have us where we are but we can make sound decisions today and act on them in a manner that will propel us to life that we want, this journey starts with a single step. Our brighter tomorrow is just a step away.

In 2015, I know that we will start the journey so let me be the first person to welcome you into your brighter tomorrow. Again happy holidays and a prosperous and God filled 2015 as together we will take a step day by day into a brighter and more prosperous and God fearing Virgin Islands. 

During this holiday season and in 2015, as a people, as a Territory, while on our journey for a brighter tomorrow, don’t let anyone pull us into their storm, but rather let us pull them into our peace.

May the peace of the Lord be with us during this holiday season and as one of your elected leaders, I assure you that I will play my part and play my part well in restoring hope for a brighter tomorrow, for our beloved Virgin Islands.

Happy Holidays!