House of Assembly
Release Date:
Thursday, 25 December 2014 - 1:30am

Greetings, I am Dr. Pickering, Member for the Seventh District and the Minister responsible for the Natural Resources and Labour of the Government of the Virgin Islands. On behalf of the Ministry, that I hold responsibility for, I would like to take this opportunity to first and foremost, wish you and your family an enjoyable and peaceful Holiday Season.

I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the staff of the Ministry to send, my colleagues, the Premier and other members of the House of Assembly, “Season’s Greetings” and a safe Holiday Season.

A special holiday greeting goes out to the people of the Seventh Electoral District, who have placed their confidence in me over the years. I’ll continue to do my best to serve them and to do our best to improve our community and by so doing, improve the Territory as a whole.

Christmas is a time for togetherness; families; tradition. There is something special and I dare say, magical about this time of the year. It is a time where as a people our core values and customs are brought to the fore-front as we participate in a global observation built into are very roots as Virgin Islanders’ similar to the way coconut is grated, stewed, broiled and baked into a delicious coconut tart.

Christmas comes with a few hallmarks, including specific sights, sounds and smells. One of the notable colours of the season is the bright Christmas green. This of course is our rainy season and all around is lush, green, vegetation.

To me, green means so much more than just the joyous, elegant, Christmas-colour. Green means energy, earth, life, electricity, natural; green means of our belonging to nature. To me, green is our environment and our environment is green.

So, let us also remember our abode: nature’s little secrets… In our gift-giving and consuming, let us remain mindful that we can do simple things to celebrate in a green or environmentally friendly way. We can use less giftwrapping-paper, dispose of our trash properly, utilise excess food for compost and limit our electricity consumption where possible.

Also, Let us remember those who do not have at this time of the year. And let us never ever take, those blessings that we have for granted. Let us reach out to the visitors amongst us during this holiday season. Make someone who is not spending Christmas at home with their family, feel at home here in these British Virgin Islands. It will do us all a great service to make those, who are among us, feel welcome.

So, if there is a person that you know may be spending the season without their family, please consider inviting that person to your home, especially someone who may be spending their first, Holiday Seasons away from home.

Let us never take our blessings for granted. Let us always remember that we’ve been blessed to bless others.

So, on behalf of my immediate family, my wife Alice and our children, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, and the people of the seventh district I wish you a safe and wonderful Holiday Season as we prepare for the New Year: 2015.

I pray that God will continue to watch over, guide and protect us.

May God bless us! May God continue to bless these Virgin Islands.

Have a safe and peaceful Holiday Season. God bless you.