Press Release

Ministry of Health & Social Development
BVI Health Services Authority
Release Date:
Saturday, 17 July 2021 - 1:11pm

The Ministry of Health and Social Development is confirming five more COVID related deaths over the last two days bringing the total number of deaths in the Virgin Islands to 14.

The recent deceased are an 81-year-old female, a 33-year-old male, a 53-year-old female and a 62-year-old female who died yesterday, and a 48-year-old male who died over night.  All were patients at the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital at the time of their passing. 

There was also a 76 year old female who died on July 14 that was missed in a previous press release. There are 13 recorded deaths from 2021 and one recorded death from 2020 brining the total number of deaths to 14 to date.

Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone expressed condolences to the families and loved ones on behalf of the Government of the Virgin Islands. “May God continue to comfort the many grieving families and friends,” he said.

“We have to stay strong and keep forging ahead.  I implore all unvaccinated persons to come out today and tomorrow to the Festival Grounds between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to get vaccinated.  It is proven that vaccination is our best chance to stay safe and avoid future outbreaks,” Honourable Malone pleaded.

The COVID Hospital Admissions Summary statistics as of July 17 are as follows:

  • 8 - persons admitted to ER (2 deaths)
  • 13 - persons admitted to the COVID-19 ward (8 deaths)
  • 1 - person admitted to Behavioural Health Unit remains in hospital
  • 5 - persons admitted to ICU (3 deaths)
  • 12 - Persons were Discharged from the COVID-19 ward
  • 0 - person discharge from Obstetric unit
  • 27 - hospital admitted patients (1 vaccinated and 26 are unvaccinated)
  • The 1 vaccinated person is admitted for non-COVID related problems

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Ronald Georges said as of July 15th confirmed active cases had fallen to 1,596 in the Territory with a reduction in active cases due to recoveries. 

Dr. Georges said. “As the death toll continues to rise it is becoming more apparent that we will have to rely heavily on vaccination to curb the spread of COVID and minimise our risk of future outbreaks. All persons should seek to be vaccinated.  Vaccination greatly reduces transmission risk by up to 75% and risk of contracting COVID by up to 60-90%.  It practically eliminates severe disease, hospitalisation, and death.  I cannot say it enough we need our people to get vaccinated.”

“While persons may stay at home and take remedies and over the counter or other medications at home it is important that if you are having breathing problems, severe weakness or dehydration, or high fever to call the medical hotline immediately at 852-7650,” Dr, Georges said.  “Further if you are so breathless that you cannot finish a sentence, coughing up blood, have bruising or blotchy skin, collapsed or faint you should call 911 immediately and make efforts to get to the Emergency Room,” the CMO advised.

Persons who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 are advised to wait 28 days from after a positive test result before getting vaccinated.

If you have taken a COVID test and did not get your results back, please fill out the form via the link

Please stay healthy and safe! We will get through this together.

The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to improving the health of the people of the Virgin Islands.


Natasha Lettsome-Humphrey

Public Health Communications Specialist
Ministry of Health/Social Development
Telephone: 468-2286