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Ministry of Health & Social Development
BVI Health Services Authority
Release Date:
Monday, 12 November 2018 - 4:54pm

The BVI Health Services Authority is raising awareness of the importance of Imagining and its role in the management of disease as it observes Radiology Awareness Week.

Radiology, also called diagnostic imaging is a series of different tests that take pictures or images that allow doctors to see inside the various parts of the body.  These imaging exams include x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, mammography, fluoroscopy and PET scan.

Radiologist Dr. Aasha-Marie Flax-Miller said the aim is to raise awareness of the specialty as it is under-appreciated and under-recognised although it is the corner stone and the way forward in medicine.

“For many diseases, doctors and emergency care physicians rely on radiology investigations in order to determine diagnosis and the course of treatment. When you are talking about minimally invasive interventions, radiology is at the forefront,” she said.

Dr. Flax-Miller outlined the classifications within Radiology.  “A Radiologist is a medical doctor that specialises in diagnosing and treating injuries using medical imaging.  A Radiographer, also known as a Medical Technologist is a university-trained medical professional that performs medical imaging (e.g. x-ray, CT, MRI) and a sonographer is a Medical Technologist that specialises in performing ultrasounds.”

The public is invited to tune in to ZBVI radio 780AM for an interview with Dr. Flax-Miller as she speaks about radiology and its importance to disease management. The programme will be aired tomorrow Tuesday, November 13 at 9:00 a.m.

Radiology Awareness Week is being observed from November 12 to 16 under the theme “Medical Imaging: Saving Lives Resources and Time”.

The public is invited to visit the Radiology Department located on the third floor of the new Peebles Hospital to have their questions or concerns about radiology addressed or they can telephone at 852-7727.

BVI Health Services Authority is committed to delivering excellent, compassionate, client-centered healthcare across the Territory.


Natasha Lettsome-Humphrey

Public Health Communications Specialist
Ministry of Health/Social Development
Telephone: 468-2286