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Town and Country Planning Department
Release Date:
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 1:44pm

Remember it is important to build our homes and businesses stronger. How can we do this? By following the guidelines set out in the Post Irma Interim Reconstruction Policy.

Chief Planner of the Town and Country Department Mr. Greg Adams is reminding homeowners and contractors that approval must be granted for the replacement of damaged roofs, changing galvanised roof to concrete, and replacing doors and windows.

Mr. Adams said approval must be given to any construction that includes adding on to an approval you may have had before making the structure larger, or any construction that involves replacing a structure that was damaged completely. He is also reminding homeowners and contractors to seek approval from the Building Authority when making minor repairs to properties.

“If you are building from the ground up, that is considered new construction or rebuilding, and that would also need Planning Authority’s permission prior to moving on to the Building Authority,” he said.

Government introduced a Post Irma Interim Reconstruction Policy to ensure that proper installations are made to reduce possible damage to property from future hurricanes.

            The building process as outlined in the policy:

  1. Concrete roof designs will be fast-tracked, pending the existence or inclusion of 8” structure below roof.
  2. Wooden roofs with separation of main roof and porch roof shall be fast- tracked,
  3. Roof slope on wooden roofs should be 3:12 pitch minimum, 6 or 7:12 preferred.

The policy provides the following guidelines for reconstruction of roofs, windows, doors and shutters:

  1. Rafter must be 3” minimum and must be securely fastened to beams and wall plates, hurricane clips and rebar connections must be used
  2. Plywood decking must be lapped and secured using 2.5” minimum fasteners.
  3. Battens must be secured using 4.5” minimum fasteners 2 per rafter minimum; these must also be spaced in accordance with manufacturer specification for the roof finish;
  4. Roof finish must be secured according to manufacturer specification. Additional fasteners must be used at eaves, hips and valleys
  5. Doors and windows should be secured with shutters. Shutters must be carefully installed using manufacturer specifications.

The Government of the Virgin Islands will continue to partner with residents in Building BVI Stronger, smarter greener, better.


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