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Disposal of Government's asset such as vehicles, copiers, computers and furniture are carried out by auction, sale transfer or otherwise.

The Department can be contacted at telephone numbers 284-468-4934 (main office) or 284-468-4069 (incinerator).  Persons can also go through the switch board and ask to be transferred to the Department of Waste Management.  Our email address is

The Student Employment portal on this website provides convenient access to an array of student work experience, internship and summer employment programs. It also provides access to many programs and supports provided by the government and its partners for youth and new professionals (for example, career advice, labour market information, skills training).
Vacancy notices will include the qualification requirements, such as education and/or experience, certifications, etc. You should review the vacancy notices to determine whether you meet the requirements for the position.
A hardcopy of all drawings are stored on file at the Public Works Department. However, the department does not provide copies of drawings but will allow customers to take drawings to be copied at a place of choice and return to the department.