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The International Tax Authority (ITA), is a Unit established under the Ministry of Finance.    As of the 9th July, 2012 the ITA has been designated to perform the functions of the Competent Authority, under section 4(1) of the Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003 (MLA). The Competent Authority, under the MLA is the Financial Secretary.  The ITA in performing these functions, as designated by the Financial Secretary, is responsible for dealing with all practical aspect of the Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA).  The ITA has also been charged with the responsibility of negotiating TIEA agreements with potential treaty partners to ensure that the Virgin Islands is fully compliant with the standards of transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.  Further, with the international standard moving towards automatic exchange of information, the ITA is also charged with facilitating the process of all other types of exchange of information, such as automatic exchange of information and spontaneous exchange of information.  The ITA is also charged with the responsibility of continuing to develop the framework within the Virgin Islands for the effective exchange of all types of information.  

The Premier of the Virgin Islands is Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE

The following persons are eligible to be claimants of the Fund for the types of relief assistance indicated below:

  • Individuals losing accommodations or possessions
  • Persons whose homes are badly damaged by the event
  • Self employed individuals who have suffered direct loss of livelihood and whose Insurance Agency does not cover loss from such events
  • Person who have been evacuated
  • Non-Profit Organisations

Relief assistance may take the following forms:

  • food relief
  • shelter or emergency accommodation grant
  • material or equipment for livelihood such as in Fisheries and Agriculture
  • medical assistance
  • financial grants

A completed copy of the Emergency Relief and Assistance Form must first be submitted to the Department of Disaster Management within two weeks of the disaster/emergency.  Attach to the form any relevant pictures/detailed reports and insurance documents pertaining to the incident.  Once verified by the Department of Disaster Management, the claim will be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for further processing.

In processing claims, the Ministry of Finance shall seek the advice of the Fund Committee.  Advice may be sought from the Attorney General's Chambers if necessary.  Final decisions will be communicated to the claimant by the Ministry of Finance.

The Planning Authority comprised of ten members: a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, four other members from the private sector, and four members representing various government agencies, including Heads of Departments or Senior staff from the Public Works Department, Department of Disaster Management and Town and Country Planning Department.