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The required documents to have the vehicle sold are:

  • Probate – if a will was done
  • Letter of administration - if the will is unavailable

The customer completes a Vehicle Transfer form and returns their previous plate(s). A fee of $25.00 is needed to purchase the new License Plates. Additionally, the insurance policy needs to be updated with the new registration number.  If needed, the customer is expected to go back through inspection.

  • A driver license can be renewed 60 days prior to expiration. The applicant comes to the Department of Motor Vehicle to take picture and have their eye Exam done. The applicant is also required to complete the Renewal Driver’s form.

Please note that no one can renew a Driver’s License for someone else because their eye exam is required.

When you submit an application for burial at sea, you will need to have on hand the following documents:

  • An original Death Certificate
  • A Certificate of Cremation if the body was cremated
  • A request to import the remains of the body or ashes if coming from outside the Virgin Islands (British)
  • A letter from the funeral home that will prepare the body for burial stating how the body was prepared
  • A letter of consent from the boat captain or persons who will transport the body or remains to the Virgin Islands (British)

A response will be given within five working days of receipt of the application and all supporting documents.

The Recreation Trust is a statutory organization which falls under the Ministry of Education and Culture and assists the Ministry with the development and maintenance of recreational grounds and facilities throughout the Territory.

The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan (RRL) is a $65.291 million loan negotiated by the Government of the Virgin Islands (GOVI) with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to rebuild social and economic infrastructure in the transport, water, education and national security sectors after the disasters of 2017.

The RRL prioritises a list of infrastructure projects in the transport, water, education and national security sectors. Infrastructure works include the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads and construction of sea defences, road/slope/embankment stabilisation works and rehabilitation of water supply. Reconstruction works include the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) building, the Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Centre and recreational facilities. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of GOVI administration buildings and primary schools are being financed through the RRL.  See the Project Map below for more details.

In addition, the RRL finances procurement of equipment, design and engineering services and supports institutional strengthening. Institutional strengthening comprises training in and provision of psychosocial services to children and families, teachers, health workers, social workers and representatives of NGOs. Furthermore, the RRL supports capacity building of public officials in project management, communications, procurement and gender-responsive project design and delivery in the recovery process.

It is a statutory body established under the Laws of the Virgin Islands to provide financial assistance through the grant of education loans to persons wishing to pursue higher education. These loans are administered by the National Bank of the Virgin Islands.

Telephone: 011-852-3468-8533

Fax:  011-852-3107 0019

Physical Address:

Suite 5106., 51/F., Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong



Telephone No.: 011-44-207-355-9570

Fax: 011-44-207-355-9575


15 Upper Grossvenor Street

London, W1K 7PJ


  • Register in good time.
  • Always apply for registration well before you intend to sail.
  • If a commercial vessel is involved ensure appropriate safety certificates are available and vessel surveyed by or on behalf of VISR before registration.
  • Ensure that you have completed the necessary documentation properly and paid the correct fee.


Our counselor can help you overcome marital and or family discord, emotional distress, job related stress, alcohol abuse, grieving and loss, concerns about ageing parents, issues with children and more. However in certain situations the EAP Counsellor may refer you to an outside person or agency that can provide the specialised care you may need.

The Hotel Aid (Amendment) Act, 2005 provides the list of eligible items in the First Schedule to the Ordinance.

Running a territory requires the dedication of career professionals from all fields. The Government of the Virgin Islands offers a myriad of career opportunities in fields you may not have thought of – finance, law, statistics, education, even radio and TV. Imagine working for one employer with the opportunity to grow in the diverse array of careers that we offer. Learn more by checking out a sample from our career streams and browsing through available jobs by searching a category.

The Office of Gender Affairs falls under the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

(1) Any criminal offence committed in the Territory punishable by three months or more

(2) Any offence against the Immigration and Passport Act (Cap. 130)

In addition to the completed application form and cover letter outlining the business intent, everyone should submit one passport sized photo; British Virgin Islanders should submit a copy of their birth certificate, picture page and page 4 of their BVI passport; belongers’ or naturalized citizens should submit their belongers’ certificate/card or naturalization certificate; all other persons (non-belongers) should submit (i ) the picture page of their passport  (ii) two character references, (iii) financial statement/bank reference, and (iv) police record.


  • Citizens and/or Bodies corporate registered in the British Virgin Islands and any of the following:
  • United Kingdom and it's Crown Dependencies and OverseasTerritories;
  • Nationals of and bodies corporate incorporated in;
  • Member State of the European Community (EC) or European Economic Area (EEA); Overseas Territories of Member of EC or EEA;
  • (Bodies corporate must have a place of business in such MemberState or OverseasTerritory)
  • Bodies corporate incorporated in a MemberState of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) or the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) (and registered in the BVI.)

The Office of Gender Affairs offers informational sessions to the public in the form of presentations at organisations, businesses, community groups and churches.

All major Government goods, works and services in excess of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00). 

1) Information in the fields of Education, Science, Culture, and Communications. 2) Contributions for the Participation Programme. 3) Coordination of the Implementation of Projects.

An employee’s normal hours of work for any one employer should not exceed eight hours. If an employee works in excess of eight hours on a normal work day, he or she is to be paid at the rate one and a half times his or her basic rate of pay. Where an employee works on a public holiday, the employee must be paid a basic hourly rate of at least one and one-half times his or her basic wage for each hour worked in addition to the basic wage of the employee.

An employee is entitled to one hour lunch. An employee may agree with his or her employer to reduce the lunch period to not less than thirty minutes.

The owner/proprietor should visit the Environmental Health Division to sign for their food establishment licence and collect it.  The licence must be displayed in a conspicuous area of the food establishment visible to the patrons.

i.   Ensure that a purchase order is received prior to providing goods and or services.

ii.  Submit invoice on time.

During your probationary period your employer is expected to ensure that you are given orientation and guidance on how your job should be done and how you should conduct yourself at the job. Your employer should inform you of the company’s human resources policies, its administrative procedures and health and safety policies. Your employer should also provide supervision and regular feedback on your performance.