Internal Position No.: 
PSC 47 of 2023

Role Summary

The successful applicant will oversee and administer professional nursing care to residents of Adina Donovan Home for the Elderly and to supervise the clinical care staff and related personnel ensuring compliance with legal and professional nursing practices and standards.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the clinical care of residents (including scheduling and assigning staff) and the supervision of assigned staff.
  2. Receive reports from Registered Nurses on staffing and resident concerns.
  3. Assist Registered Nurses in completing various reports (e.g. risk assessments and investigations of injury) and in assessing residents who are experiencing acute challenges.
  4. Maintain accurate records and reporting systems for continuing care, legal purposes and ensure that all members of the care team are aware of resident-related matters.
  5. Respond promptly to institutional or other emergency calls requiring extra duty, mobilization of emergency systems, evacuation of patients.
  6. Control the residents’ environment to ensure safety, hygienic and aesthetic conditions and control of noise and traffic flows.
  7. Collect and analyse data to identify residents’ needs. Monitor the conditions and care of acutely ill residents.
  8. Provide clinical expertise in the management of medical and psychiatric emergencies; in medical management, crisis and behavior management; and in documentation, charting, weekly summaries and care planning.
  9. Attend meetings, workshops and training sessions as instructed to ensure awareness of any change in policies or procedures which may be relevant to the role.
  10. Prepare various reports on the activities of the area.
  11. Develop and implement recommendations to improve policies, processes and procedures.
  12. Assist with the preparation of the Department’s Annual Budget.
  13. Assist with the preparation and submission of Performance Planning and Appraisal Reports for assigned staff.
  14. Identify job specific and environmental factors and develop, where applicable, implement and promote the health and safety policies. Mitigate and minimise workplace hazards.
  15. Perform any other duties assigned by your supervisor or other senior officers to ensure the efficient and effectiveness of the Department.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Three (3) to five (5) years’ work experience in the field
  • At least 5 (five) years in as senior Nurse in a hospital or similar setting
  • Registered in the Virgin Islands with a current license
  • Sound knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures
  • Sound knowledge of applicable policies, regulations and laws
  • Sound knowledge of the use of standard office equipment and computer applications
  • Excellent knowledge of basic nursing and ethical nursing practice
  • Sound oral and written communication skills
  • Sound time management skills
  • Sound interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
Closing Date: 
Thursday, 1 June 2023
Vacancy Listing: