Internal Position No.: 
44 of 2019

Role Summary

The successful applicant will assist in the academic, personal, and social development of all students in the Virgin Islands educational system.

Main Responsibilities 

  1. Assists with the orientation of students to the school community, providing them with the necessary help for proper adjustment.
  2. Assists with providing leadership in developing programmes for children including those with special needs.
  3. Assists with providing individual and group counselling for students, and works with students with behavioural problems.
  4. Assists with establishing and maintaining students’ records as applied to guidance and counselling activities.
  5. Assists with providing activities and information to students to help with the transition from primary to secondary schools, or at alternative option.
  6. Assists with the setting up and running of clubs and social outreach programmes for the personal and social development.
  7. Consults with teachers and principals on matters pertaining to students.
  8. Assists with the development of career guidance programmes and guidance related activities; preventative, developmental and skill programmes for students.
  9. Communicates with the Education Officer responsible for guidance and counselling regarding the guidance programme in the school and referral issues.
  10. Works in remediation and crisis intervention programmes. Assists with coordinating parenting education seminars.  
  11. Assists with coordinating parenting education seminars.
  12. Perform any other related duties as required by Supervisor or any other senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in psychology, counselling, social work or related field 
  • Three (3) to Seven (7) years working experience in the area of counselling
  • Good knowledge of Government structure, policies and procedures
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the use of standard office equipment and computer applications
  • Good analytical and decision-making skills
  • Good interpersonal and organisational skills Sound knowledge of Behavioural Science and Child Development
  • Sound knowledge of remedial and crisis intervention programmes and techniques
  • Sound knowledge of individual and group counselling techniques
  • Sound knowledge of psychological diagnostic tools 
  • Ability to work well under pressure
Closing Date: 
Monday, 26 August 2019
Vacancy Listing: