The merger of Land Registry Department and Survey Department

Certified Copy

A certified copy of land records is authenticated by affixing the Land Registry’s stamp and endorsed by a Registry officer.

What records are available for certified copies?

  • Registers
  • Registered Documents

Registered Land Rules of 1972 (CAP.229)
Intestate Estates Act (CAP.34)
Judgments Act (CAP.35)
Non-Belongers Land Holding Regulation Act (CAP.122)
Condominium Ordinance (CAP.219)
Conveyancing and Law of Property Ordinance (CAP.220)
Land Acquisition Ordinance (CAP.222)
Land Adjudication Ordinance (CAP.223)
Trustee Ordinance (CAP.303)
Commissioners for Oaths & Notaries Public Act (CAP.12)
Common Law

  •     Your application was not submitted in triplicate.
  •     Your application involved more than one parcel and the copies submitted were not sufficient for you to receive a copy. A copy will be retained for each parcel.
  •     Applications must be submitted in triplicate. However, extra copies are not processed unless needed for applications involving more than one parcel.



  • Amendment of Charges
  • Charges
  • Discharges
  • Easements
  • Judgment Charges
  • Leases
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Powers of Sale
  • Restrictive Agreements
  • Subleases
  • Surrender of Lease
  • Transfers
  • Transmissions
  • Variation of Charges


  • Make sure boundary marks are in accordance with a registered survey plan.
  • Maintain in good order any features that demarcate your property especially if the property is adjoining

  • Registration section
  • Block and Parcel number
  • History of proprietorship
  • Type of proprietorship 
  • Acreage of land
  • Whether the land is crown land
  • Whether the land was mutated
  • Whether the land is provisional
  • Easements, Right of Ways, Covenants
  • Cautions, Restrictions, Leases
  • Charges, Discharges, Restrictive Agreements

The registration section, block number and parcel number of the property of interest.

Yes. Section 150 of the RLO states:

“Any person who under this Ordinance submits a caution or any instrument for registration, or is the proprietor of any land, lease or charge, shall furnish to the Registrar in writing a postal address within the Virgin Islands for service and shall notify him in writing of any change in address.”


To make an entry, note or record in the register under the Registered Land Ordinance (RLO).