No. An employer must have a valid and fair reason for dismissing a worker at all times, including during the probationary period. That reason must be connected with the worker’s ability to perform or his conduct on the job or redundancy where the job has been abolished.

No.  Any effort by an employer to offer terms and conditions that are less favourable than those of the Code is not legal.  Your employer may offer you better conditions than those of the Code where it is fair to do so.


Department of Labour and Workforce Development

Ashley Ritter Bldg
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110

Labour Protection Manager


The successful applicant to assist with the management of the Department’s daily operations and administrative functions within the labour protection unit to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.


Dispute Claim

This service allows a customer to make a complaint via a systematic approach.

Job Registration and Placement

This service assists Virgin Islanders and Belongers to find employment in the Territory.


This service allows Public and Private businesses in the Territory to fill available position(s).

Periodic Work Permit

This service allows a Non-Belonger authorization to work in the Territory for a single Employer, for a short period within a one year period.

Temporary Work Permit

This service grants a Non-Belonger authorization to work in the Territory for a single period not exceeding three months.

Self-Employed Work Permit

This service grants a Non-Belonger employment on one’s own behalf and not under a contract of employment, expressed or implied.