Public Finance Management Regulations, 2005

This is the Treasury Department Public Finance Management Regulations, 2005

Treasury Department

P.O. Box 703 
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110

Issuing Annual Reports

Reports are prepared as requested by users or in compliance with relevant legislation.

Answering Queries

The department receives queries from the general public and other government agencies, regarding the various services that the department provides.

Payments on Bids / Auctions

After a public auction, the successful bidder must make payment at Treasury Department before taking possession of the goods.

Repayment of Student Bonds

This service facilitates the payments on bond agreements entered into by public officers as part of their study leave arrangements.

Cheque Inquiry and Collection

Members of the public may contact the Treasury Department to inquire whether a cheque has been prepared for them and is ready to be collected

Treasury Department

The Treasury is a department under the administration of the Ministry of Finance.