Certificate of Tax Exemption

This service is for Business Companies of the British Virgin Islands which are qualified to seek exemption from paying Taxes.

Certificate of Earnings

Employee(s) and Self-Employed/Persons are eligible to make an application for this service.

Certificate of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing is available to any tax payer requiring this Certificate.

Stamp Duty Tax

Any person who requires the processing of instrument to facilitate registration.

Self-Drive Motor Vehicle Rental Tax

This service is applicable to the proprietor of a Self-Drive Motor Vehicle Rental business.  Every proprietor of Self-Drive Motor Vehicle business shall register with the Inland Revenue Department within thirty (30) days of  commencement of operation.

Property Tax

Every person who becomes the owner of any land or house or both land and house whether by purchase, lease, gift, devise, bequest, intestacy, or by any other means is liable to pay this tax.


Payroll Tax

The Payroll Taxes (Act), 2004 provides for a tax to be levied on employers including self-employed persons in respect of actual or notional remuneration. Remuneration for the purpose of the Act includes wages, salary, leave pay, bonus, gratuity, fees, allowances, money paid under a profit-sharing scheme, severance pay, housing and other benefits in kind.

Liquor License Tax

A temporary or permanent license is issued to a person or body corporate, to sell liquor.

Hotel Accommodation Tax

This service pertains to the proprietor or manager of any hotel, house, apartment, cottage, villa or similar facility that is ordinarily used for providing board and lodging or lodging only for a consideration.  Every proprietor of accommodation shall register with the Inland Revenue Department within thirty (30 days) of commencement of operation.


Cheque Duty Tax

This service is for any licenced financial institution that issues or accepts a cheque or cheque form to be processed.