Yes. Signing your appraisal form indicates that you have reviewed the appraisal form and discussed it with your supervisor not that you agree or accept it.

The performance management programme provides supervisors and employees with the means to define performance standards and objectives over a given year. These standards are then used to measure the employee's performance and determine areas for future training and development.

The Bupa Secure Care BVI policy requires that insureds notify USA Medical Services as soon as you know that you will need medical treatment. When you pre-notify, the staff at USA Medical Servies begins handling the case, communicating directly with the patient's doctor and medical facility. As soon as all the necessary information is received from your provider, including medical records, Bupa will confirm your benefits and coordinate direct payment. Additionally, USA Medical Services can also coordinate and schedule air ambulances, appointments with specialists, and other medical services.

Yes. If you have retired from the Public Service you are eligible to maintain your health insurance. To continue health insurance it will be at the retiree rate and you may have to complete the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.

Yes. Students taking online courses with  an accredited collge or university are considered full time student if he/she is enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester or an equivalent full time student schedule.

Dependent coverage is available for the policyholder's dependent children up to their 19 birthday if single or up to their 24th birthday if single and full-time students at an accredited college or university (minimum of 12 credits per semester) or an equivalent full-time student schedule) at the time that the policy is issued and renewed.

Eligible dependents include the policyholder's spouse or domestic partner, natural born children, legally adopted children, stepchildren or children to whom the policyholder has been appointed legal guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction, for whom coverage is provided under the Bupa Secure Care BVI policy.

A deductible is the amount of money that the member needs to pay before being compensated by Bupa. Treatment in the British Virgin Islands, u.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico is not subject to deductible. Treatment received elsewhere and within the Bupa Secure Network is subject to an annual deductible of Us$1,000 per member, per policy year not to exceed a maximum of two deductibles (Us$2,000) per policy year.

You can make changes at any time by completing and submitting the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.

Please see the table of benefits on page 7 of your Bupa Secure Care BVI Membership Guide.