Government employees can receive help from the EAP Cousellor by calling the private line at 468-3205 or ext. 3991 or complete and submit an online request form.

Our counselor can help you overcome marital and or family discord, emotional distress, job related stress, alcohol abuse, grieving and loss, concerns about ageing parents, issues with children and more. However in certain situations the EAP Counsellor may refer you to an outside person or agency that can provide the specialised care you may need.

The EAP Programme is a counseling-based confidential service available for employees to help them address a wide range of personal and work-related issues.

You can apply for study leave through the Training Division by completing the study leave application form.

In exceptional circumstances an officer may be granted permission to attend a course outside of the Government's training priority areas. In such cases, an officer may be granted leave without pay and may use vacation leave to which the officer has earned.

The Study Leave Assessment Board presents a list of training prorities for the Public Service, annually. This list identified those skills that are critical for the sustainability of the Government and are scarce.

All permanent and pensionable employees with at least three (3) years of service are eligible to apply for study leave through the Training Division.

Pensions are calculated in accordance with the Pensions Act (Cap 161) using a formula that includes the last salary paid to the officer and the officer's length of service.

You must give at least 12 months notice to the Department of Human Resoruces before you can retire although in some cases 6 months notice may be accepted.

On 23rd June, 2010 Cabinet decided to cease the rehiring of retired personnel. If there is an exceptional public interest in retaining the services of a public officer reaching the retirement age of 60 the person should be retained as a public officer instead of being allowed to retire and then immediately be re-engaged. Otherwise the retirement age of 60 is to be applied strictly. Consideration might be given to re-engaging such officers if they had been out of the service for more than two years.