The Government of the Virgin Islands provides direct deposit for public officers and employees to receive their salaries automatically. Obtainging a checking or savings accounts is strongly encouraged and is the preferred.

No. When participating in Direct Deposit, the full net pay amount must be made through Direct Deposit.

Employees may select up to three checking or savings accounts to divide their pay through Direct Deposit.

No. You may use any eligible financial institution in the British Virgin Islands.

Complete the payroll authorisation form and submit to the Department of Human Resources.

Yes. In special circumstances, an officer may request leave without pay for up to four weeks per calendar year. Leave without pay must be requested in writing or by completing the Leave Application Form, through the line manager at least eight weeks in advance and is subject to the discretion of the Head of Department or Permanent Secretary and the Department of Human Resources.

An officer does not earn leave, when he or she is on study leave, additional sick leave, interdiction or leave without pay.

No. Public officers are required to use his or her earned annual leave within the year it is earned.

An officer is eligible for 14 days sick leave with pay within a calendar year.

Yes. We know that in order for our programme to be successful officers must have confidence that conversations will remain confidential. No records of visits or counseling sessions will be placed on the officers' personal file. In circumstances where the counselor believes an officer may pose a risk to him/herself or others, or if the court mandates it, our counselors are required to report the situation to the relevant authorities.