Disaster Recovery Specifications for Books and Paper Documents

Vital information for Disaster Management for Records - Disaster Recovery Specific for Books and Paper Documents

Considerations when creating a Disaster Plan

Vital information for Disaster Management for Records when considering and creating a disaster plan for Records

Records To Be Maintained In A State Of Readiness – Records Mayday

Tuesday, 1 May 2018 - 1:31pm

Businesses and government agencies are encouraged to maintain records in a state of readiness as the Territory prepares for the upcoming hurricane season.

Reference, Research and Information Management

All inquiries, regardless of type or subject matter are recorded on an "Application for Services" intake form. The inquiries are either fulfilled at the Archives or referred to an appropriate agency.

Records Management Procedures Manual for the Virgin Islands Public Service

Neither the Government of the British Virgin Islands nor any other government could survive without written records. Because they are so important, records must be effectively managed at all stages of their existence, from their creation to their eventual disposal. Currently, responsibility for this rests with Permanent Secretaries and delegated officers within each Records Office, the Archives and Records Unit and the users of the records. The effectiveness of this partnership will depend upon the degree of understanding and co‐operation between them.

Archives and Records Management Act, 2010

An Act to provide for the establishment of the Archives and Records Management Department; to provide for the preservation of public archives and records, and for related matters.

Creation of Forms for Filing and Archiving Purposes

Generally, forms should be created only as needed to streamline the operations of the Government. Their design should meet standard guidelines for the preparation of forms, and their printing and distribution should be efficiently managed.

The design, printing and distribution of new forms are currently done in the Ministries and Departments. The Chief Records Manager Officer can provide advice and assistance with the design of new forms.


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