About Us
Nosce te ipsum, is Latin for “Know thyself.” To help you answer the question, “What’s your story?” we thought it best to help you understand ours.

ARMU Story / Chronological History 
ARMU Timeline.

Mission Statement
The National Archives and Records Management Unit is established to promote the effective creation, organization, use and disposal of Government (public) and private records while maintaining the efficient accessioning and preservation of records of enduring value.

Vision Statement
Inspired by the need of all Virgin Islanders to appreciate the vital role of records in democratic society, the National Archives and Records Management Unit seeks to use traditional and modern technologies, along with cooperative partnerships between the Government, private sector and wider community to lead and transform information management so that the history, heritage and culture of the Virgin Islands come alive and grow in importance, relevance and accessibility for present and future generations.

Some of our territorial and national symbols.

Department Contact Information

To make contact with Archives and Records Management Unit, see below for contact information:

National Archives and Records Management Unit

Archives and Records Management Unit
Government of the Virgin Islands
#49 Decastro Street, Burhym Building
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands, VG1110

Business Hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Email Address: nationalarchives_info@gov.vg
(284) 468-3044