The Government of the Virgin Islands has implemented new entry protocols for persons abroad, who wish to travel to the British Virgin Islands through a Phased Re-opening.

Phase I began on 2nd June, 2020 and allowed for Virgin Islanders, Belongers and Residents to travel to the Territory.

Phase II began on 1st September, 2020  allowing more categories of residents that includes work permit holders, dependents, homeowners, students and more.

Phase III in the border reopening process is scheduled to begin on 1st December, 2020 allowing international travel and the re-opening of the tourism industry. Travel protocols have been updated and will take effect on this date such as testing and quarantine requirements for both residents and visitors alike. All travellers regardless of status will be able to access one main portal to enter the Territory during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Persons are reminded of the fact that the Covid-19 dynamics are constantly changing.  Protocols are therefore subject to change given epidemiological environment.

Additionally, businesses engaged in tourism activities in the Territory must have a ‘Gold Seal’ certification as part of the Phase III re-opening. A ‘BVI Tourism Reopening Guide’ was launched on 6th November, 2020 and outlines pertinent requirements, training and protocols regarding obtaining certification prior to the reopening of the Territory on 1st December. All information collected during this process will be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. 

It is advised to read through the Frequently Asked Questions before starting the registration process.

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