The National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) is a framework that promotes centralized coordination, control and effective collaboration in preparing for and providing immediate responses to the impact of Various hazards.  The NDMP addresses the short and long term objectives of the National Emergency Organization (NEO),  It is continuously strengthened and expand in its scope, content, memebership composition, administrative and policy guidelines, rescue, relief and recovery procedures, and in Regional and International relationships with similar organizations.

The NDMP has six (6) main parts.

  1. Base Plan (BP)
  2. Reponse Function Annexes (RF)
  3. Support Function Annexes (SF)
  4. Hazard Incident Annexes (HI)
  5. Specific Plans Annexes (SP)
  6. Mutual Aid Agreements Annexes (MA)

Simulation exercises are held frequeently to test the National Disaster Management Plan and the associated Annexes (MA)