The Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Report primarily assesses the "susceptibility" of an area to a hazard.  When sufficient information is available on the intensity and likelihood of such an event occurring, an indication of the level of "risk" is provided and recommendations are documented to guide angle of ut and to help reduce level of risk as much as poissible.  The information provided in the hazard Vulnerability Assessment Report is as inclusive as possible enabling individuals to Validate their own assesment.

This report contains high level assessments of hazards relating to some natural or man-made events that man-made events that may affect this property. The report is based on geological mapping and scientific models.  The report does not replace a site investigation or an emegineering report.  The purpose of the hazard report is to provide a better understanding of the hazrads that may affect a property.

HVAs can be requested by Planning Authority, the Town and Country Planning Department or individual.  Applicants can collect a form from the DDM office in MacNamara or download the Application Form from DDM's website (

The cost for private development is US$75.00 and $250.00 for commercial development.  The report will be completed within four (4 weeks) of submittal to the DDM. If further time is needed due to insufficient information or other defined reasons, the applicant will be contacted.  For further information, please contact the Senior Technical Planning Manager at (284) 468-4200.