The RRL aims to reconstruct road infrastructure that is resilient to future hurricanes and new weather extremes expected from climate change. The community will benefit from the improved road infrastructure with ancillary components such as drains, sidewalks, traffic calming, signage and road markings, and other support structures. Rehabilitated sea defences with rock armor and other structures will protect the coastal roads from high storm surge and wave action from sea encroachment. Construction of retaining walls and application of other slope stabilisation techniques will mitigate the risk of landslides and rock fall due to unstable embankment slopes. The Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) developed for each of these projects will help mitigate any potential impacts and risks from the project.

Reconstruction of Roads, Slope Stabilisation and Coastal Defences 

The August floods and Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 caused severe damage to the road network on the western and north portion of Tortola. Sea defences in different areas were destroyed and require replacement and upgrading. Roads suffered damage beneath the concrete layer, while in other areas rehabilitation works such as road/slope/embankment stabilisation are needed. Under the RRL, the reconstruction of the roads, slopes and coastal defences entails 13 separate construction projects.

For more information on the Roads Reconstruction Project and the exact project locations and works that will be implemented click here.