Water is a critical part of people’s everyday lives. When a disaster strikes, even countries with the safest water supplies can become very vulnerable. This RRL project invests in enhancing resilience of the water infrastructure, by incorporating disaster resilient features in the design and site preparation. The design and site plan of the works will also be informed by Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) that identifies the potential effects of climate change on water infrastructure and resilience measures to address these impacts. Households will therefore have access to potable water through a resilient network.

Rehabilitation of the water system project

In September 2017, the BVI suffered extensive damage and widespread devastation from the passage of the Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The two hurricanes left a severely compromised infrastructure ranging from minor impact to severely destroyed assets. There was severe damage to the water network and major storage reservoirs were all impacted leading to water leaks in the water supply network. The RRL will be reconstructing and rehabilitating the network to make it more resilient to future disasters.

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