The RRL supports the rehabilitation of The Central Administration Complex (CAC), the court buildings Attorney General’s and judges’ residences, and other administration buildings, as well as the reconstruction of the West End Ferry Terminal (see Ports) and the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) /National Emergency Operations Centre Building (see Disaster Management). Moreover, the RRL finances the provision of ICT equipment for the IT backbone, schools and courts, and the DDM Seismic and Weather Monitoring Equipment & Early Warning Alert Network (see Disaster Management). 

Rehabilitation of the Central Administration Complex 

The Central Administration Complex (CAC) building is the main business location for most Government services. Following the passage of Hurricanes Maria and Irma, the CAC suffered extensive damage. This project financed through the CDB RRL involves the rehabilitation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems as well as the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) systems in the entire complex. The overall rehabilitation of the Complex is financed by GOVI through insurance proceeds and budgetary allocation.

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Rehabilitation of “Other Government Buildings”

A number of buildings which hosted different Government services were severely damaged by the 2017 hurricanes. Against this backdrop, the RRL is financing the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the damaged buildings, with the intention of restoring the normal functioning of the different services provided by the public administration in order to meet the needs of the population. Disaster resilient features will be incorporated in the design to protect the specific buildings included in this project from any future climate hazards.

For more information on the Other Government Building Project click here. 

ICT project for Government buildings

Hurricane Irma caused severe damage to the Government Administration buildings, school buildings, and the courts, and disrupted the network connectivity to several government facilities throughout the BVI. The RRL finances the reconstruction of the new ICT infrastructure within the Central Administration Complex (CAC), schools and courts and the IT Backbone.

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Photo Caption: The Central Administration Complex (CAC) Building  that will be reconstructed as part of the RRL. Photo taken in March 2019.