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Records of permanent historical and cultural value are stored in The Archives; the mandate of which is to serve as the official repository to preserve, arrange, describe and subsequently make available the records in its care for research and reference. Since these records tell the story of the Virgin Islands and its people, access to them is imperative for various reasons such as: to act as evidence in court cases; verification of dates of birth, death and other personal or public events; ownership of land; property boundaries; chronicling historical events for educational materials; genealogical research etc.

Fogging only kills the adult mosquitoes.  If there are active breeding containers, adults will emerge two to three days after fogging.  This is why self inspection and removal of breeding sites by home owners/occupiers is important.

  •     Your application was not submitted in triplicate.
  •     Your application involved more than one parcel and the copies submitted were not sufficient for you to receive a copy. A copy will be retained for each parcel.
  •     Applications must be submitted in triplicate. However, extra copies are not processed unless needed for applications involving more than one parcel.


A floor plan is needed for two reasons:

  • To ensure that all equipment are placed in such a way that will promote safe food practices.
  • To ensure that there is a linear food flow, that is, the food production flows from a clean area to a dirty area with no cris-crossing or back tracking being done.

An educated food handler who practices what is taught, reduces the risk of spreading food borne illnesses that cause outbreaks due to improper food preparation and handling techniques.