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Yes!  Each facility is inspected at least twice per year.  The first inspection ensures standards are maintained and the facility qualifies for licencing.  Subsequent inspections are conducted for monitoring health and sanitation standards.

Yes.  All daycares and pre-schools must be registered with the following agencies annually:

  • The Early Childhood Unit, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The Environmental Health Division

NO, the term "Guarantee" in the Loan Guarantee Porgramme does not mean that an applicant has an automatic yes or is guaranteed to get a loan.  The bank has the final say on what   
application will or will not be awarded, with the Government providing the guarantee in the case of default, the bank takes into consideration  loans they otherwise wouldn't.

Yes. Shipments can be arranged for the sister islands pending prior payment arrangements. The team is happy to discuss the requirements, so do not hesitate to call.

Yes orders of 25 lbs or more are eligible for delivery.