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Step 1: You should first collect the application form from the offices of the National Bank of the Virgin Islands. Step 2: Complete the application from (photographs and all information requested) on the application form. Step 3: Submit the application to the National Bank of the Virgin Islands.
You can apply for study leave through the Training Division by completing the study leave application form.
Step 1: Collect an application form from the school or the Department of Education. Step 2: Completed applications must be addressed to the Chief Education Officer signed by and forwarded through the Principal of the school at least two weeks before the proposed date of use.

The Department of Disaster Management DDM) recongnises that volunteerism  is one of oldest response mechanisms used in disaster situations and in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, hence the spearheading of an online initiative.  It is also recognised that the first response, both spontaneous and organised, generally comes from local communities.  As such vlounteers constitute a very important resource to to the disaster management mechanism in Virgin Islands.

The VI Volunteer Programme Open to all domiciled residents of the Virgin Islands and those visitingn our island for 6 months or more.  To be eligible for active memebership, persons should be between 18-50 years old,n possess a community spirit and be committed to using his or her ablilities to enhance disaster management in the Virgin Islands.

The online Registry can be accessed via the Department's website at www.bviddm.comor directly using the link  Persons interesting in becoming part of the volunteer Registry and who are not able to access the online registration can contact Cecil Jeffrey, Community Relations Officer at 468-4200.



Step 1: Submit completed Application Form to Fire Headquarters; await response.

Step 2: If you are not eligible for employment, you will be informed. If you are eligible, you will be scheduled to take a written exam.

Step 3: If you are unsuccessful, you will be informed, and you may apply in the future. If you pass, you will be required to undertake a full medical exam (this includes testing for excessive levels of alcohol, 20/20 vision, marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs).

Step 4: If the medical indicates an adequate standard of health, you will be scheduled to perform six (6) Strength and Fitness Tests, which must be done within six (6) hours.

Step 5: If you are successful, you will be scheduled for an interview.

Step 7: If you are selected among the top candidates, you will be scheduled to report to Fire Headquarters to commence participation in the Recruits Training Programme.

Step 8: If you are successful, you will perform Fire Officer duties for a three (3) year Probationary period. During that time, you must obtain adequate competencies in Emergency Response, Fire Safety/Fire Prevention and Rescue Techniques. You must also become an internationally certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Step 9: If successful, you will be required to achieve levels of competencies, maintain a high level of discipline and become an internationally certified Emergency Medical Technician before being recommended to the Permanent and Pensionable Establishment.