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A hardcopy of all drawings are stored on file at the Public Works Department. However, the department does not provide copies of drawings but will allow customers to take drawings to be copied at a place of choice and return to the department.
  • Person must have a valid ID.
  • 18 yrs and over for a Driver's Learners Permit.
  • 16 yrs and over for a Motorcycle Learners Permit.

i. The annual budget estimates can be purchased from the Ministry of Finance or at the Passport Office (Civil Registry and Passport Office Department).

ii. For research, students must make a written request to the Financial Secretary.


Government employees can receive help from the EAP Cousellor by calling the private line at 468-3205 or ext. 3991 or complete and submit an online request form.

The Department of Disaster Management's (DDM) website has an extensive publications list with hazard specific brochures. Print copies of the hazard brochures can also be collected from DDM's office in MacNamara.