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There are 21 salary grades in the Government's pay schedule; each grade has a series of steps. Upon first appointment, you will typically be placed in the first step of the grade for which you are selected, depending on your additional qualifications if in excess of the minimum qualifications advertised in the vacancy notice. Occasionally, exceptions can be made for applicants with hard to find or highly desirable skills. These exceptions are at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources and are not an employee entitlement.
Although there is a distinction between a Records Centre and Archives, successful National Archives programmes manage records through their entire life cycle. In the Virgin Islands it has been recommended that the National Archives and the National Records Centre be housed on the same property so the management continuum is unhindered by distance between facilities.
An officer does not earn leave, when he or she is on study leave, additional sick leave, interdiction or leave without pay.
You can make changes at any time by completing and submitting the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.

The office was first established in 1992 as the Women's Desk under the Chief Minister's Office.  It was renamed in 2001 to the Office of Gender Affairs to reflect equality and equity for both males and females.