The Department does not provide a collection service for bulky waste and encourages all residents to take their bulky waste directly to the incinerator.

If your vehicle has been tagged by the Department of Waste Management and the vehicle is still valuable to you the owner, we encourage you to remove the vehicle from the current location and secure it properly.  This should be done before the notice expires.  Persons can contact the Department of Waste Management to discuss why the notice has been affixed.

The Department is responsible for the removal of derelict vehicles.  If a vehicle is deemed derelict the Department will affix a notice for removal on the vehicle and the vehicle will be removed once the notice has expired.  There are two types of notices; public notices which expire in 14 days and the private notices which expire in 21 days.  Public notices are for vehicles located on public property and private notices are for vehicles on private property.

Private notices are placed on vehicles in most cases at the request of the property owner.

The Department is responsible for the removal of dead animals but only on public properties which includes main roads and public parking lots.  We are not responsible for the removal of dead animals from private properties.

Department of Waste Management

The Department of Waste Management is primarily responsible for the collection and disposal of solid waste, while protecting human health and the environment by minimizing adverse impacts on all residents and visitors of the Virgin Islands (British).  This is done through the development and implementation of effective and efficient waste management programmes.


To provide the Virgin Islands (British) with modern, environmentally sound methods of solid waste management that reflects international standards of waste management practices.

Incinerator Hours Extended Following Public’s Feedback

Monday, 16 February 2015 - 4:45pm

Effective today, the incinerator will operate from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.

The extension of the hours of operation is based on the public’s feedback following a six month review conducted by the Department of Waste Management.

Supply of Mulch (Woodchips) for Agricultural Purposes

Shredding of tree trunks/limbs and non-processed wood material into mulch for agricultural and beautification purposes.

Garbage Incineration

Disposal of Waste at the Incinerator.