a.    Fill out application form (Pleasure Fishing, Commercial Fishing (locals only) or Sport Fishing)
b.    Application Fee of USD10.00.
c.    Valid registration form of the fishing vessel.
d.    A copy of Identification of your nationality/passport.
e.    Submit all documents to the Conservation and Fisheries Department.


World Environment Day (Environment Month)

A day around the world used to celebrate different aspects of the environment under different themes. Locally it is a month long celebration.

World Turtle Day

A day used for bringing awareness to the public on turtles and tortoises. To increase knowledge and respect of these animals and to encourage human action to assist in their survival.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day chosen to appreciate the earth and its environment.

World Water Day

A day used to celebrate and encourage the wise use of water.

World Wetlands Day

In conjunction with the RAMSAR Convention, this day is used to bring awareness of the importance of wetlands in the world.